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“Give thanks. We only have 3 more miles to do”

Today is a day of giving thanks. Of remembrance and reflection.

I have so much to be thankful for this year. This has been a year of second chances for me. I got to see this sign again. But I got to see it as a finish, rather than a beginning.

I am incredibly lucky that I got a second chance to do this. Most people never take the first step on such a journey, one that would divorce them from the comforts of home, the connectivity of the modern world and the pain of 2,000 miles.

But I got a second chance. For that I am eternally grateful.

This year also held new beginnings for me.
I fell in love. I gave my heart to another person fully. I lost that person in the end and found out what heartbreak really is about. How awful it feels to be betrayed by someone you cared for more than anything. I learned that “love sick” is a real thing and it hurts.

I learned about what I want from life, what I want for myself in the coming years and more importantly, how hard it might be to achieve that.

I discovered people who cared for me without ever asking anything in return. Who understood every word, thought and feeling. People who could read my mind, because they too were thinking of the same things.
I found people who gave without ever asking for anything in return. Who supported dreams that were also theirs, even if they weren’t physically present.

I found all kinds of amazing human kindness. It was beautiful. And I am so thankful for it.

On Thanksgiving we look back and are supposed to remember the things we are thankful for. The important things from the year. But we should do that all the time. Say thank you more often. And mean it.

So thank you. As Mr. Rogers would say – thank you for being you. Thank you for taking the time to read these stories, the thoughts I have. For letting me share a little part of myself with you. For sharing back. Thank you for your support.

And thank you Maine for giving me moments like this.