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Good News and Computer Boxing

For the last week or so, I’ve been playing with my computer. By “playing with my computer” I mean I’ve been feverishly trying to get it to work again so I could save all my pictures, writings, videos and all the important things I have on here.

I realized about 6 hours in that all I knew about computer repairs and programing has disapeared since I’ve been on the trail. I used to the computer wrangler for my family and friends – and I couldn’t even get my own things together for the last few days.

Luckily tragedy was averted – though I nearly went insane in the process. We’ve had a fairly decent amount of snow here and the city shut down – people here don’t know what to do with any snow – so I was pretty much full of cabin fever.  I managed to save all of my important pictures and documents in the process and got some amazing news as well.


I was able to visit a friend of mine who TA’s a physical therapy section at one of the colleges around here, and was used as a test dummy and real-world case for their class. In the process I was allowed to get a free MRI – which is a god-send for me since I am currently sans-insurance. The class got to look at my MRI, and my knee and say that yes, it has healed almost fully and there is no more bone swelling.

So now it’s time for strengthening.

So now once a week for the next several months I get to go and have PT done for free – not just on me knee, but on my whole body. Which considering my collection of injuries over the years might be a good thing.

It’ll be interesting explaining all my stories to these kids – and I say kids because I swear, they all look like they are 18.

Much love to all – the back log of posts I have will be updated shortly