Who am I? I’m Doc Spice – though you can just call me “Spice” these days.

I attempted a southbound Appalachain Trail thru-hike in 2012 and made it about 1600 miles and change before hurricane Sandy and the freezing weather/snow forced me off. Then I came back and went northbound in 2013, covering all 2185.7 miles from Georgia to Maine.

What is this blog? This is my attempt to pull everything together – from my AT journals for both hikes, to my post trail adventures and even other things – love, music, work and the mechanics of everyday life.

This is an attempt to make sense of the life I’ve lived since July 17th of 2012 – one of responsibility only to myself.

Some of the thing I post about you won’t understand – that’s okay. I talk about things that might be far removed from your life, things like long distance hiking. If, for whatever reason, you don’t understand something I’m talking about, feel free to ask. I guarantee you’re not the only one who is wondering about it.

Sometimes you search out beauty. Other times, beauty finds you

Smarts Fire Tower in Vermont. A beautiful view at the end of a lonely day

  1. singlegirlhiking

    Hey Spice, I am looking forward to following along in your adventures and musings!

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